Weight, size, and baggage allowance

How many bags are you allowed to bring on board? Size, weight, personal item, and baggage allowance... Everything you need to know about hand baggage.

This information is for reference only and applies only to flights operated by Air  France. Is your flight operated by one of our airline partners? We invite you to refer to the airline's website directly, as baggage allowance may differ. If baggage allowance changes from one segment of your booking to another, we recommend that you follow the strictest guidelines.

What is my baggage allowance?

Your hand baggage allowance and weight restrictions depend on the cabin in which you are traveling.

  • In the Economy cabin, you may take 1 hand baggage and 1 personal item.
  • If you are traveling in the Premium Economy, Business, or La Première cabin, you may take 2 hand baggage items and 1 personal item.

Hand baggage on flights to the United States is subject to U.S. regulations and the Transportation Security Administration (TSA).

Hand baggage dimensions

The maximum dimensions of your hand baggage are: 55 x 35 x 25 cm/21.7 x 13.8 x 9.9 in. (including pockets, wheels, and handles). Not sure if your bag meets these dimension requirements? Air France offers a range of tools for you to check your baggage dimensions. You will find them at the airport, baggage drop-off areas, and in check-in halls. Baggage checks will be enforced prior to boarding. If your hand baggage does not meet these criteria, you will be asked to place it in the hold. You may incur additional fees.


Your hand baggage weight

In the Economy or Premium Economy cabins, your hand baggage and personal items can weigh up to 12 kg (26.4 lb) in total. If you are traveling in the Business cabin or in La Première, your hand baggage and personal items can weigh up to 18 kg (40 lb) in total. Your cabin is shown on your ticket.

Have you chosen a Light fare? Check your text messages and emails ! If your flight is scheduled to be full or depending on the type of aircraft, we may ask you to check in your hand baggage, free of charge. Please keep all your personal belongings and valuables with you (travel documents, medical paperwork, electronic devices, etc.). We may ask you to check in your hand baggage, free of charge.

Authorized personal items

Soft plastic bags and packaging made with rudimentary means (e.g., household stretch film) are not accepted. Such package damages airport facilities and disrupts baggage transit. Any baggage that is visibly damaged, poorly packed, or not in compliance will be refused.


Additional items you may take on board...

The following items are neither considered a personal item nor hand baggage, and can be brought on board: - jacket, coat, or any other item of clothing you may be wearing - umbrella, - duty-free items that you purchased on board or at the airport, - children's accesories, including strollers*, car seats, diaper bags (please visit our Families and children page), * Depending on available space on board. Should there not be enough space on board for your stroller, we will put it in the hold, free of charge.

Authorized items in the cabin

You can carry liquids, pastes, and creams in the cabin under the following conditions:

  • containers must be placed in a transparent and closed plastic bag,
  • each container cannot exceed 100 ml / 3.4 oz.
  • your plastic bag cannot exceed 1 liter.
  • the plastic bag cannot be bigger than 20 x 20 cm/7.8 x 7.8 in.

Please note: only 1 plastic bag per passenger is allowed. Some liquids are allowed on board with no restrictions (baby food, medication, etc.). Please visit our Prohibited and Regulated Goods page.


Are you traveling with an infant?

View all our recommendations to best plan for your trip on our Families and children page.

When can I store my hand baggage?

Your hand baggage must be placed in the overhead compartment directly above your seat.


Your personal item must be placed under the seat in front of you, unless you are seated in an exit row. If you are seated in an exit row, your personal item must be stored in the overhead compartment.


Connecting flights

If you have a connection and must travel with a different airline, the baggage regulations of that other airline apply to your trip with Air France. Baggage regulations may differ. We invite you to refer to the airline's website directly, as baggage allowance may differ. We recommend that you follow the stricter guidelines if the baggage allowance changes throughout your booking.