Boarding by zone

Our flights are boarded according to zones. Read the guide to learn more.

What is a zone?

You are assigned a zone number depending on your cabin and Flying Blue status. You will find the zone number on your boarding pass. Our crew will let you know when it is time for you to board the flight, starting with zone 1 and going up to zone 5.

At the boarding gate

How can I find my zone?

Boarding pass with zone
Find my zone

You can find your zone on the boarding pass you received either at the airport, on our website, or via the Air France app.

Zone signage at the boarding gate
At the boarding gate

Make yourself comfortable. You can only board once your zone is called. Signs indicating where your zone is are located in front of your flight's boarding gate.

The benefits

Passengers walking in the jetway
More comfort

While you wait for your zone to be called, take a moment to breathe and relax.

Passengers seated in the aircraft
Improved punctuality

You can help improve the flight's punctuality by respecting the boarding order by zone.

SkyPriority zone
SkyPriority clients

You benefit from priority boarding in zones 1 or 2, though you can board at any moment, at your convenience.

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